Artists’ Fellowship

On October 22nd, the Artists’ Fellowship honored Robin R. Salmon and Brookgreen Gardens as well as Marc Mellon and Babette Bloch.

Salmon and Brookgreen Gardens each received the Gari Melchers Memorial Medal, which is awarded to a person or an organization that has materially furthered the interest of the profession of the fine arts. NSS Fellow, Sandy Scott, gave an introductory speech about Salmon and her contributions to figurative art and artists. “Robin has tirelessly served as Brookgreen’s Vice President of Art and Historical Collections and Curator of Sculpture for 43 years. She has traveled west over the years to introduce and promote the splendors and importance of Brookgreen to countless sculptors and art lovers. Robin is the museum’s greatest emissary. The founders of Brookgreen, Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, would have loved her.”

The Artist’s Fellow awarded NSS Fellow, Marc Mellon and the artist Babette Bloch the Benjamin West Clinedinst Memorial Medal, which is awarded for the achievement of exceptional artistic merit.