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Book Sale

National Sculpture Society has the following books for sale:

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The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial by Lawrence Halprin

Written by the world-renowned architect who designed the landmark, the book tells the story of this remarkable memorial, twenty years in the making. Paperback: 144 pages – Publisher: Chronicle Books (1997)

On sale for $11


Voices In Bronze by Philip F. Palmedo and Eliza Hicks

Voices in Bronze recounts the creation of Richard McDermott Miller’s St. James Triad, an over-life-sized bronze sculpture of connected female figures.  The book describes the complex process nature of the work, along with the thoughts and feelings of the sculptor, the models, and the other participants in the process. Hardcover: 160 pages – Publisher: Netsource Dist Services (1999)

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Heading for New York: A Sculptor’s Journey by Richard McDermott Miller

Richard McDermott Miller’s autobiography covers the period between his birth and his 40th year, when he became a full-time sculptor in New York City. Miller served as NSS president, received numerous accolades and earned the nickname “The Figure Sculptor of Soho”.

“The generations of artists who follow will get inspiration and energy from his sculptures. I hope they will also – at least sometimes – have the privilege of discerning the lovely, decent, kind man who made them.” – Dick Barnet, Sculptor

Paperback: 157 pages – Publisher: Ibrod Press (2006)

On sale for $20

Paul Wayland Bartlett and the Art of Patination

by Carol P. Adil and Dr. Henry A. DePhillips, Jr.

Paperback: 80 pages

Publisher: Paul Wayland Bartlett Society (1991)

Read the notes that Paul Wayland Bartlett took during his extensive research into the art of patination.  In 1895, Bartlett was awarded the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor, at a time when the only other American sculptor with this same grade was Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

On sale for $10

Masters of American Sculpture: The Figurative Tradition from the American Renaissance to the Millennium by Donald Martin Reynolds

Hardcover: 275 pages – Publisher: Abbeville Press (1994)

Commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the National Sculpture Society, this book explores America’s rich heritage of figurative sculpture from the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 to the 1990s.

On sale for $15


Twentieth-Century Sculpture Postcards from the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo

Contains 24 full color – ready to mail postcards

Publisher‏:‎ Dover Publications (1992)

On sale for $6


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