In 2019, Chesterwood, the former summer home and studio of Daniel Chester French (1850-1931), is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a National Trust for Historic Preservation site.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation maintains the historic buildings, collections and landscapes as a museum for the public. A contemporary sculpture exhibition has been guest-curated and sited throughout the core of the property for four decades and a year-round artist-in-residence program is in development.

In honor of the anniversary, Chesterwood invited noted historian, Harold Holzer, to write a definitive biography on Daniel Chester French.  Both Harold Holzer and Chesterwood’s Executive Director, Donna Hassler, were part of NSS’ sculpture conference.

Situated on 122 acres in the hamlet of Glendale, near Stockbridge, MA, the property was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation by French’s only child, Margaret French Cresson (1889-1973).  Both Daniel and Margaret were members of the National Sculpture Society.