Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the competitors for the 2018 Richard McDermott Miller Modeling Competition! On Friday, June 22nd, ten sculptors put their skills to use modeling a portrait from life in just four hours.

The ten talented sculptors are: 

Joseph D.E. Bainer

Daniel Borup

Alejandro Buchner

Rick Casali

Zoe Dufour

Donat King

Quintin McCann

Charlie Mostow

Robert Stutler

Jeffrey Zygmunt

At the conclusion of the competition, Anthony Antonios, Janice Mauro and Dora Natella juried the portraits and selected the three prize winners:

Zoe Dufour The Richard McDermott Miller Prize of $5,800, consisting of a $3,000 cash award and ads in Fine Art Connoisseur and Sculpture Review

Alejandro Buchner – The Roger T. Williams Prize of $1,500

Charlie Mostow – The Walter and Michael Lantz Prize of $750

Thank you to all the competitors for their hard work! Conference goers really enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and sculpting medoths they demonstrated.