Fine Art Connoisseur

Fine Art Connoisseur is the premier media sponsor of National Sculpture Society’s 2017 Sculpture Celebration Conference. The program takes place from June 23-25 in New York City.

Fine Art Connoisseur serves art collectors and enthusiasts with innovative articles about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints — both historical and contemporary, American and European. Recent issues of the magazine featured National Sculpture Society members, such as John Coleman, Mark Edward Adams, Bart Walter, Rosetta, and Joshua Koffman.

At National Sculpture Society’s 2016 Conference, Fine Art Connoisseur’s Editor-in-Chief, Peter Trippi, participated in the panel discussion on “Beauty.” Additionally, Fine Art Connoisseur awarded Zoe Dufour, the winner of the NSS Modeling Competition, with a half-page ad in a future issue of the magazine.  The magazine will award the same to the 2017 NSS Modeling Competition winner and to Michael Aaron Hall and Stephanie Revennaugh, the Alex J. Ettl Grant and Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant recipients, respectively.

National Sculpture Society looks forward to an ongoing relationship with Fine Art Connoisseur, which has a strong reputation for its editorial coverage of realism.

Image on Sculpture News: The Healer by John Coleman