A special exhibition of the monuments by NSS Fellow, Eugene Daub will be held at the Palos Verdes Art Center in Palo Verdes, CA.  Titled Eugene Daub: MONUMENTAL the show is on view from September 25 through November 13 at the Rancho Palos Verdes, CA facility and is a retrospective of the monumental work he has created over the last 40 years of his career.  Maquettes and sketches of the 30 plus major monuments created and installed across the country will be the focus of the show at the art center. “I showed them the studio,” Daub said, “and they said, well, gee, you’ve got all this stuff. And I said, yeah, I’d love to show it because it’s the kind of thing that most galleries are not particularly interested in; a lot of it is just bits and pieces of old jobs.” He explains: “When I do a commission for a statue I usually start out with sketches and then I’ll do a maquette, sometimes several maquettes or models, and show that to the client. If that goes well then we proceed and I enlarge it, and I save a lot of these things, as sort of mementos.”