Fan Yu

The National Sculpture Society (NSS) awards Fan Yu the 2023 Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant. The Newmark Grant is given annually to animal sculptors who have demonstrated a commitment to sculpting and an outstanding ability in their body of work. The Grant consists of an unrestricted cash prize of $5000.

Sculptors Nina Akamu (from NY), Michael Keropian (from NY) and Jacquelyn Giuffre (from CA) served as jurors for the award. Giuffre feels that Fan’s artworks “express the character, integrity and grace of each breed of dog, so much so that you could use his sculptures as a guiding light when choosing a dog. He beautifully renders not just the form, but also the personality of each breed.”

Fan’s passion for sculptures is rooted in his boundless obsession with animals, especially dogs. For several years, Fan worked as a master groomer in grooming competitions and was also showing dogs as professional handler. In 2017, Fan gradually withdrew from showing dogs as a professional handler and focused on his passion of sculpture. He receives numerous enquiries about custom animal sculptures from owners, breeders and even Kennel Clubs worldwide. He has been commissioned by multiple national breed clubs such as the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, the prestigious Santa Barbara Kennel Club, and the AKC Museum of the Dog. Fan resides in Beijing and Los Angeles, where he pursues his passion for creating spirited animal sculptures.

The Newmark Grant, presented since 2014, was established through a bequest from NSS Fellow Marilyn Newmark (1926-2013). A competitive equestrian and highly accomplished sculptor whose preferred subject was horses, Newmark won more than twelve gold medals and 100 awards at national and international exhibitions.

Images: My Blue and Tsunami by Fan Yu