Gary Lee Price, FNSS

Gary Lee Price’s 300-foot monument, Statue of Responsibility, is one step closer to becoming a reality.  The 300-foot sculpture is currently under review by the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority board in Utah. The project has been a 20-year dream of Price, who is a Fellow of NSS and a native of Utah currently residing in Arizona. The Statue of Responsibility was first conceived nearly 80 years ago by Austrian psychologist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl who believed the ode to liberty, embodied in the iconic Statue of Liberty, was worthy of a complimentary monument on the West Coast of the U.S. that would help underscore that the concept of freedom as one that requires both liberty and responsibility. Price has exhibited a maquette of the monument in exhibitions around the country including NSS’ Fellows Favorites in 2020. A small replica of the Statue of Responsibility is currently on view in Salt Lake City’s Capitol rotunda.