Gary Weisman

The Sculpture House Annual Award recognizes an individual for their contributions to Sculpture. The National Sculpture Society presents the 2023 award to Gary Weisman, who has contributed much of his life to creating his own work and to inspiring others to pursue a career as sculptors.

“Gary is the most dedicated and prolific sculptor working today. He was one of the most influential sculpture teachers at PAFA – for over 30 years sharing his love of sculpture and foundry. He built the first foundry at PAFA and started the foundry class that I have been teaching for the past 15 years. It is a class that continues to empower students of all genders with practical knowledge of sculpture making. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there.” – Kate Brockman, FNSS

“Through his work as an artist and as an incredible instructor at PAFA, Gary Weisman has inspired generations of students to create sculpture with a thoughtful consideration of their subject matter and a direct connection to their materials. Bronze casting is a process which can be prohibitive because of the expense and tremendous amount of work involved, but Gary made it so accessible, to a point where many of his students have gone on to create their own successful foundries because of their time working with him. Someone who is as prolific and hardworking as Gary cannot help but be an inspiration to those around him. His work with students over his time at PAFA has left an incredible wake in the sculpture community, which continues to resonate.” – Darla Jackson, NSS

“Gary Weisman is a living master sculptor and the most influential sculptor/instructor of our time. He has been a mentor/father-like figure to many of us within the arts, and I am grateful for his teachings and friendship. Gary and his wife Treacy Ziegler, have compassionately embraced many students of the arts, acting as guiding light throughout our art careers and lives. Gary’s love for art and teaching is truly beautiful and inspiring beyond words. For years I thought Gary was teaching his students sculpture, foundry and form; and now looking back he was sharing with us how to love and live. Thank you, Gary. Love you buddy….no take backs, no regrets, no fear, bumper stickers, fun is fun.” –  Chad Fisher, NSS

Weisman has exhibited internationally, and his work is included in prominent collections world-wide. He is passionate about his work, which he personally creates from inception to finish. In addition to working as a full-time sculptor, Weisman taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He has the ability to talk with any student, at any level, without judgment and as an equal. He will meet them where they are and guide them into a more expansive way of thinking. While students may feel limited by materials, time or knowledge, Gary’s philosophical, out of the box approach lays in front of the student the limitless space of making.

Weisman studied sculpture and drawing at Washington University and the Art Institute of Chicago. After receiving a degree from Columbia College, he did apprenticeships under sculptors Jack Kearney, Leslie Posey, and EvAngelos Frudakis. His foundry skills were learned at Tallix Art Foundry (Fishkill, NY) and Bronzart Foundry (Sarasota, FL) before starting his own foundry in Sarasota, FL and eventually in Newfield, NY. He is represented by Stanek Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Sloane Merrill Gallery (Boston, MA), Ray Wiggs Gallery (Provincetown, MA) and Sirona Fine Art (Hallandale Beach, FL).

In 2002, Bruner Barrie, president of Sculpture House, along with Jack North, former president of Chavant and Marc Fields, president of The Compleat Sculptor, established The Sculpture House Annual Award. Past recipients of the annual award include author Donald Martin Reynolds; former curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, George Gurney; and Rebecca Reynolds, founding president of Manship Artists Residency.