Glenna Goodacre
Sculpture Dedication

Glenna Goodacre announces her retirement with a sculpture gift to Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University.  The unveiling of CEO, a 6′ 4″ high bronze statue of an astute, active businesswoman on-the-go, took place today at 11 am.  Goodacres’ daughter, Jill Goodacre Connick, modeled for the sculpture in the sculptor’s Santa Fe studio in 1985.  Goodacres’ parents were Texas Tech graduates, her mother Melba Tatom Maxey in 1933 and her father Homer G. Maxey in 1931. Goodacre, herself, has a long relationship with the University, as many of her important works are also on campus.  The largest piece is her towering standing portrait of Governor Preston Smith at the Administration Building. The most popular is Park Place at Talkington Plaza near the east entrance to the campus. A favorite among visitors to the Texas Tech Museum is Tug O’ War at the main museum entrance.

Goodacre has retired after nearly 5 decades of creating sculptures great and small for collections all over the world. She donated her sculpting tools, clay, and studio equipment to the New Mexico School For The Arts, an arts-based high school in her home town of Santa Fe. She is destroying her molds for existing sculptures, not making any new works, and selling or gifting pieces from her private collection.  National Sculpture Society wishes her the best in her retirement and appreciates the body of work she has created.

CEO bronze sculpture, 6’ 4” high, created in 1985, photo by Matt Suhre