In the News

Christopher Burns featured Janice Mauro in The Redding Pilot.  The feature discusses Beware the Year 7000, a collaboration between Mauro and Joanne Pagano Weber.  Beware of the Year 7000 is an exhibit and video installation which explores the concept of an “ancient future”; the project provides a warning-filled look-into the future with a historical tint.  It is on view at Trailer Box Studio Gallery in Danbury, CT.  The video can also be viewed online.

WAG Mag featured Paige Bradley in its November 2016 issue.  For the feature, “Feats of Clay,” the author Bob Rozycki visited Bradley’s Stamford, CT studio.  There, he got a sneak-peak at her works-in-progress, including what will eventually be an 18’ high bronze of the Indian goddess Uma.

Columbia College Today featured alumnus Greg Wyatt in the Summer 2016 issue.  The ten-page spread covers his life from his childhood in the Hudson Valley area to his current dream projects which includes the creation of a large-scale (40’ high) monument for Arlington National Cemetery.  Two versions of his The Price of Freedom are already on display there.

Image on Sculpture News page:  A work by Janice Mauro – part of Beware of the Year 7000