Jim Rennert: In New York

On Thursday, September 21, Jim Rennert: In New York, opened at Cavalier Galleries in Manhattan featuring ten major works on public exhibition as well as several newer, smaller works in the gallery. The show runs through December 31, 2021. Rennert, an Elected Member of NSS, takes inspiration from his previous life in the corporate environment. “Before I became a sculptor, I spent a period of my young adulthood struggling in the business world,” said artist Jim Rennert. “Decades later, that experience continues to inspire my subject matter, as the figures I create wear the standard business attire of suits and ties. The absence of fine detail provides a blank canvas for viewers to see themselves within the sculpture and to challenge and inspire them to achieve their dreams.”

The public NYC locations include:

  • Think Big at 34th & 2nd Avenue
  • Inner Dialogue, Listen and Timing at 42nd & Park
  • Commute, Inner Dialogue and Timing at 47th & 6th 
  • WTF and Walking the Tightrope at 54th & Broadway
  • Listen at 55th & 6th