LexSeeHer “Sculpture Rehearsal” by Meredith Bergmann, FNSS

In November, Meredith Bergmann was able to conduct a brief  “sculpture rehearsal” with a flat silhouette for a bas-relief design she is creating for Lexington, MA. The rehearsal was strictly  to determine overall scale and placement of the piece commissioned by LexSeeHer, a group of volunteers who are organizing to establish the first monument to recognize women’s contributions in the Northern Boston suburb. Lexington is famous as the site of the first shots fired, and the first deaths in the American Revolution, on April 19th, 1775. Although there are several significant monuments to that battle in town, the role of Lexington’s women in fighting for a free and just society will now be acknowledged with this monument. The monument covers Lexington history from the years just preceding the Battle of Lexington to 2020.