Meredith Bergmann, FNSS

On Wednesday, May 15th, Meredith Bergmann’s monument, Something is Being Done, was unveiled in Lexington, MA.  The monument honors and celebrates the contribution of Lexington women to the town’s “political, intellectual, social and cultural” history, as noted by LexSeeHer, Make Women Visible, the organization that funded its creation.  The public played a part in who is represented on the bronzes. LexSeeHer launched a five month long campaign to solicit suggestions from the Lexington community of who to include in the monument. “It expanded in a way we had not expected because Meredith’s design allowed us to do that. And it’s amazing that there are that many women, and more, with these amazing stories,” says Leslie Masson, who was also on the Research Team, fact-checking and finding out more about the women nominated.  Bergmann, a Fellow of NSS,  found herself wrestling with LexSeeHer’s original desire for three statues, not wanting to repeat the pieces she was well-known for, like the Boston Women’s Memorial and the Women’s Rights Pioneers monument in Central Park. “I’m always trying to engage with a history of sculpture and of monuments and memorials and try to put a twist on it and bring it up to date, and I’m always trying to do something I haven’t done before, and that’s how I eventually veered away from three statues to many, many women and I had to find a shape and a format for that,” Bergmann said.