Nimham Sculpture

Nimham Sculpture

Michael Keropian is working on the Sachem Daniel Nimham Sculpture for the Town of Fishkill, NY.

In 2002, local historians became interested in creating a statue to the Sachem, likely the last last official sachem of the Wappinger People. The historians wanted the sculpture in a relevant location in the Hudson Valley Region. In 2019, Ozzy Albram, the Supervisor of the Town of Fishkill, asked to have the sculptural tribute placed at the junction of routes 52 and 82, near where Nimham may have been born.  The triangular piece of land already had a plaque dedicated to the Sachem from 1937.  Keropian plans on incorporating that plaque into the base of the new sculpture.

Keropian’s sculptural tribute to Daniel Nimham symbolizes his life as a dedicated sachem to his people and as an American hero on the battlefield. The sculpture depicts Nimham holding a survey in one hand and a musket in the other. The partial tree symbolizes ‘his life cut short.’

Keropian, with filmmaker Jeff Hodges, is currently documenting the whole process of the creation to installation.  Updates are available on VIMEO.



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