NYFA Programs

NYFA is offering a several programs for artists. Pay-What-You-Wish

Speak for Yourself! A Networking Skills Workshop for Artists with Public Speaking Coach Jezra Kaye
November 2, 6:00 PM ET
Are you about to attend networking events and fear you won’t be able to say something articulate about your creative work? Is the idea clear in your mind, but the words seem uninteresting? Public speaking coach, Jezra Kaye, (recently featured in The New York Times) is here to help!

Marketing for Artists and Creatives
November 14, 12:00 PM ET
In this webinar, marketing expert Molaundo Jones, Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships at Art21, will advise how to effectively utilize marketing tools in accordance with your career goals. The session will cover a host of strategies and techniques, focusing on digital marketing, with time for questions at the end.

All Things Immigration for Creative Workers: Options for Immigrant Artists and Creatives
November 15, 6:00 PM ET
In this virtual program, immigration attorney Michael Cataliotti will facilitate a town-hall style conversation, explaining legal options for creative workers, going through some of the frequently asked questions, and answering questions live from the audience (you!).

Estate Planning for Artists and Creatives
November 16, 12:00 PM ET
This webinar will include a basic introduction to estate planning for visual, performing, and literary artists and other creative individuals, courtesy of attorney Edward M. McCoyd. McCoyd will provide guidance as to how artists and others may direct how their creative works will be handled after their death and will include ample time for questions.