Oneida Carrying Place by StudioEIS

In the spring, the Oneida Indian Nation unveiled a multi-paneled relief featuring a life-size bronze figure of an Oneida warrior, in Rome, NY.  The sculpture commemorates the Oneida Carrying Place, a vital area used for transportation, trade, commerce, and strategy during the Revolutionary War.  The Oneidas helped American colonists defend Fort Stanwix from a British siege, and their subsequent victory helped change the momentum of the war. Created by Brooklyn’s StudioEIS, along with Taft Design + Associates (Valencia, CA), and Bollinger Atelier (Tempe, AZ), the piece measures 7′ x 20′ in total with the left panel representing the three Oneida clans; the center panel depicting Oneida warriors; and the right panel depicting the waterways the Oneida’s were skilled in using for transportation and trading.