2019 Sculpture Safari

National Sculpture Society’s 2019 Sculpture Conference came to an end with the Sculpture Society at the Central Park Zoo. It was a delightful day – perfect weather, interested kids (and adults), and talented sculptors.

Sculptors Mark Edward Adams, Jason Arkles, Carter Jones, Roger Martin, Paul Rhymer, Steff Rocknak and Ellen Woodbury were stationed at various locations to model animals from life.  Zoo guests were excited to see clay take on a life of its own as the day progressed.  Rhymer and Martin captured sea lions as they dived and sunned themselves; Arkles brought forth various humorous goat expressions; Rocknak created a charming duck and alpaca; Adams modeled a dignified horse; Jones modeled a standing bear with personality and Woodbury portrayed the spring of a snow leopard.

Clay was also provided for zoo guests to try their own hand at sculpting.  Kids had fun creating lions, bears, snowmen, ghosts, sharks and abstract pieces.

NSS would like to thank Marc Fields and The Compeat Sculptor for donating the clay and for assisting with the event.

Thank you to sculptors Spencer Tinkham and Anthony Alemany and to the staff at The Central Park Zoo for helping at the event as well.