Sculptor Talk

This year, distinguished sculptor and NSS Fellow Edward J. Fraughton was awarded the NSS Affiliated Sculptor Residency at Chesterwood.

Towards the end of the month long residency, Fraughton gave a lecture on his life, career and experience at Chesterwood. CLICK TO VIEW

Born and raised in Utah, Fraughton mentions his early interest in art, especially sculpture. He remembers carefully studying the design and form of his toy horses and soldiers when he was a child, finding that both sides of each figure were mirror images of each other with a seam line running between. Fraughton attended the University of Utah and studied civil engineering in hopes of becoming a sculptor of monumental works. While at there, he also took classes in drawing and sculpture with Professor Ed Maryon and Dr. Avard Fairbanks and counts these men as influential in shaping his development as an artist. He’s gone onto create many well known American monuments, including Pioneer Courage (Omaha, NE); The Ancient Ones (Mesa Verde National Park, CO); the Mormon Battalion Monument (San Diego, CA).

Applications for the 2024 Residency will be accepted in October.