Sculpture Books

Sculpture Books

A short listing of books of interest to sculptors or by sculptors:

Muybridge and Mobility by Tim Cresswell and John Ott, with an introduction by Anthony W. Lee

(New interpretations of Muybridge’s famous motion studies through the lenses of mobility and race, from a cultural geographer and an art historian)


The Cat & The Coracle: Flynn’s Return to the Goddess Divine by Leo E. Osborne


Beautiful Bodies: The Adventures of Malvina Hoffman by Didi Hoffman


Race Experts: Sculpture, Anthropology, and the American Public in Malvina Hoffman’s Races of Mankind by Linda Kim


Kent Ullberg: Monuments to Nature by Todd Wilkinson


The Experience of Modern Sculpture: A Guide to Enjoying Works of the Past 100 Years by Philip F. Palmedo


Art of the National Parks: Historic Connections, Contemporary Interpretations by Susan Hallsten McGarry, Jean Stern, and Terry Lawson Dunn


Pitynski, “For Our Freedom and Yours,” the Art and Life of Andrew Pitynski, Portrait of an American Master by Donald Martin Reynolds


Carving a Niche for Himself: The Untold Story of Luigi Del Bianco by Douglas J. Gladstone


Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi by Hayden Herrera


Sculpture of Les Animaliers (1900-1950) by Edward Horswell


Afterlives: Ancient Greek Funerary Monuments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Paul Zanker

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