Sculpture Safari

National Sculpture Society held a Sculpture Safari at the Central Park Zoo.  Seven sculptors from around the country modeled from life in designated areas around the zoo. Children and curious adults could try their hand at modeling alongside the sculptors. Zoo attendance reached 6,200 people that day, with many visitors enjoying the Sculpture Safari.

Participating sculptors:

Mark Edward Adams

Paul Rhymer

Gary Lee Price

David H. Turner

Stephanie Revennaugh

Roger Martin

T. D. Kelsey

National Sculpture Society thanks Craig Piper, Wildlife Conservation Society Director of City Zoos; Michelle Beach, Manager of Education at the Central Park Zoo, and the entire WCS staff for providing a venue for these talented sculptors to demonstrate another way to appreciate and support wildlife conservation: through artistic expression. Thanks also goes to The Compleat Sculptor for generously donating the clay.

Image on Sculpture News: Paul Rhymer sculpting at the Central Park Zoo