Sisko Memorial Medal

National Sculpture Society Presents the Sisko Memorial Medal to Carter Jones

This year marks the first presentation of the Sisko Memorial Medal, named in honor of NSS Fellow and Board Member, John Sisko (1958-2016).  It is presented for distinguished service to Sculpture through programs sponsored by the National Sculpture Society.

When Carter Jones was elected as a Sculptor Member of the National Sculpture Society in 1980, he was among the organization’s youngest members. Then a sculptor in his early thirties, he was rubbing shoulders with senior sculptors such as Charlotte Dunwiddie, Walker Hancock, Michael Lantz, and Robert Weinman, and experts in allied fields such as Alex J. Ettl, Philip Johnson, and Joseph Veach Noble. They are no longer with us, and another generation of sculptors has emerged. Mr. Jones is now one of the National Sculpture Society’s keepers of the torch, sharing his wisdom with younger sculptors.

Mr. Jones has done commissioned work for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Henson Associates, Viacom, and Elizabeth Arden. He has executed over 30 medallions and commemorative coins for various mints, and has sculpted illustrations for books, magazines, and movie posters. Mr. Jones was president of the American Medallic Sculpture Association in 1984-85 and is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society.  Notable works include the bas-relief of Lt. Joseph Petrosino at Petrosino Square in NYC and collaborations with Master Chocolatier Jacques Torres.

Whether as a Fellow, an exhibitor or a Board member (at times, all three at once), during his busy career, Carter has volunteered his time and expertise for educational programs sponsored by the National Sculpture Society.  He served as a volunteer instructor in numerous Sculpture Celebration Conferences; in 2015, he conducted a demonstration on bas-relief lettering and in 2016, he conducted a waste-mold making demonstration. Such demonstrations ensure the continuation of expert knowledge and rigorous standards from one generation of sculptors to the next.  This year, Jones will participate in ‘Sculpture Safari’ at the Central Park Zoo.  He will assist Zoo visitors in the creation of their own animal sculptures and answer questions about sculpture as a career and an art form.

The Sisko Memorial Medal is a uniface medallion created by John Sisko, engraved on the reverse side with the name of the award recipient. Sisko is fondly remembered for his service as Chairman of Sculpture Review’s Editorial Board and as a Board member.  The medal will be presented on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at the Honors and Awards Dinner, which is part of the Sculpture Celebration Conference.

Image on Sculpture News: Stone Monkey by Carter Jones