Suzanne Storer, NSS and Louise Solecki Weir

NSS Elected Member Suzanne Storer and NSS Associate Louise Solecki Weir have work included in a 2-woman show at Eccles Art Center in Ogden, UT.  Titled “I’m Roofless NOT Homeless”, the show includes works by Storer and Weir that depict broken souls who are down but not out.  Storer has included 22 narrative relief sculptures of unhoused individuals, many encountered in a downtown park in Ogden. While working with residents at her local shelter, Storer came to know that many of the people she encountered were little different than herself yet their circumstances were worlds apart. Motivated by this realization she shares with you her insights into their world. Weir’s 8 portraits sculpted from life are of individuals suffering from mental illness or brain damage. She uses classical portrait busts to illuminate our contemporary struggle with marginalization. Unlike traditional heroic figures, these sculptures represent ordinary people, prompting viewers to contemplate the heroism within the struggles of the often-overlooked.  The show opens on Friday, May 3 and runs through the month of May.