Cultural Immersion Tour

Cultural Immersion Tour

National Sculpture Society’s Cultural Immersion Tour took place from October 21-23, 2021.

A group of eleven, along with NSS Executive Director, Gwen Pier, enjoyed an insider’s tour of Brookgreen Gardens.

Besides exploring the extensive grounds, the group viewed the A. Thomas Schomberg: Remembering 9/11 exhibition in the newly renovated Rosen Galleries, the Offner Center with its visible storage facility and the Bleifeld Center with its showcase of the work of historic and contemporary sculptures.

Brookgreen Gardens is a unique melding of art, nature, and history. Since its founding in 1931, by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, Brookgreen has been a cultural center for our community. Brookgreen and the National Sculpture Society have close ties as its founders, Anna Hyatt and Archer Huntington were both NSS members.

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