World War I Memorial

Sabin Howard is part of the team to design and create the World War I Memorial in Washington, DC. Titled The Weight of Sacrifice, the work will be constructed in Pershing Park located at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW in the capital.

The sculptural components of the memorial include an 81-foot-long carved bas-relief wall with 23 images illustrating wartime scenarios and a single free-standing sculpture of service men kneeling behind an artillery canon. The Weight of Sacrifice is scheduled to debut with the 100th anniversary celebration of Armistice Day in Washington, DC in late 2018.

Howard recently spoke with Steve Mariotti, the founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and an advocate for entrepreneurs worldwide.  In the interview, published on The Huffington Post, Howard states “The only thing that’s constant in my career is change. You constantly have to reinvent yourself and move forward—like Madonna! You must accept that you’ll get a lot of resistance and you’ll feel a lot of fear. Just deal with it.”  Read the full interview.