85th Annual Awards Exhibition

Open to NSS Fellows, Elected Sculptor Members, and Associates who dues are paid in full.

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The majority of the National Sculpture Society’s prizes are given at its Annual Awards Exhibition, which has a Jury of Selection and a separate Jury of Awards.

  •     Gold Medal/Charlotte Geffken Prize of $5,000
  •     Silver Medal/Maurice B. Hexter Prize of $3,000
  •     Bronze Medal/John Cavanaugh Memorial Prize of $2,000
  •     Marcel Jovine President’s Prize $1,000
  •     The Pat Munson Prize for avian sculpture $1,000
  •     Fred and Cheryl Newby Patrons Award $1,000
  •     The Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award $1,000
  •     Marion and Gilbert Roller Memorial Prize $1,000
  •     Montana Memorial Prize $750
  •     The Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize $500
  •     Jane B. Armstrong Memorial Award $400
  •     The Margaret Hexter Prize $300
  •     The Edith H. and Richman Proskauer Prize $300
  •     The Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award $200
March 23, 2018
NSS Members