Eric Serritella

In April, Eric Serritella opened a solo exhibition at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design in Raleigh, NC. The show, titled “Sharing Spaces,” features his signature ceramic trompe l’oeil sculptures and will be on view until December 3, 2022. Chapel Hill artist Eric Serritella creates his ceramic sculptures as conduits to emotion through inquiry, recognition, and familiarity. Through aging and decay, Serritella’s sculptures challenge the viewer with both the nature of the material and the messages within. Each organic creation is filled with metaphor, both literal and implied. Anthropomorphic elements and vessel forms link humanity as timelessly inseparable from its interactions and relationships to its natural surroundings. Each sculpture in Eric Serritella–Trompe l’Oeil Ceramics fosters awareness to affect viewers’ behaviors toward the environment. Through this consciousness they can acquire new appreciations and ways of seeing.

For more information visit Serritella’s website or the Gregg Museum website.

Serritella recently joined NSS at the June Sculpture Conference where he received the 2022 Stanley Bleifeld Memorial Grant.