82nd Annual Awards Exhibition


SusThe National Sculpture Society (NSS) is pleased to present its 82nd Annual Awards Exhibition showing exclusively at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. Opening on Saturday, August 8, the juried show features the figurative works of 57 sculptors. The show will be on view until November 1.

A Jury of Selection, comprised of two NSS Members and one curator, chose 55 works from the 222 entries. This year’s Jury of Selection included Kate Brockman, NSS; Jonathan Harding, Curator, The Century Association (New York, NY); Marc Mellon, FNSS.

Sculptors featured in the exhibition are:  Lorri Acott; Anthony Antonios, FNSS; Michael Barlow; Constance Bassett; Andrea Blasich; Joe Boddy; Mary Buckman; George Bumann, NSS; Evan Burnette; Blair Buswell, FNSS; Steven Carpenter; Tim Cherry, FNSS; LeaAnn Cogswell; Matthew James Collins; Eugene Daub, FNSS; Victoria Davila; Darrell Davis, NSS; Judeth Davis; Mick Doellinger; Deon Duncan, NSS; D.L. Engle, NSS; Francis Fox; Ben Hammond, NSS; Mark Yale Harris; André Harvey, FNSS; Marvin Hitesman; Tony Hochstetler, NSS; Lee Hutt, FNSS; Ott Jones; Joshua Koffman, NSS; Przemyslaw Kordys; Robert Landry; Julia Levitina; Gwen Marcus, FNSS; Roger Martin, NSS; Walter Matia, FNSS; Roderick Morgan; Gary Mulnix; Dora Natella, NSS; Olga Nielsen, NSS; Peregrine O’Gormley, NSS; Leo Osborne, FNSS; Gary Lee Price, FNSS; Tanya Ragir, NSS; Stephanie Revennaugh; Scott Rogers, NSS; Stefan Savides, NSS; Adam Schultz, NSS; Sandy Scott, FNSS; Christopher Smith, FNSS; Pati Stajcar, NSS; Bart Walter, FNSS; Willy Wang, NSS; Daniel Williams; and Susan Zurles.