90th Annual Award Winners Exhibition


On November 20, the 90th Annual Award Winners Exhibition opened at the NSS Gallery in New York City. The exhibition is a showcase of the award winning sculptures from the 90th Annual which had been on view at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina from August through October.  In September, a Jury of Awards convened to choose the prize winners and this year included: Kirsten Kokkin, Fellow of National Sculpture Society; Scott Penegar, Sculptor; and Stephen W. Motte, Curator of Collections and Interpretation – Florence County Museum, Florence, SC.

The 90th Annual Award Winners Exhibition will be on view through January 26, 2024.  The sixteen prize winners in the exhibition are:

NSS Gold Medal and Charlotte Geffken Prize of $4,000
Lullaby for Earth and Sky Opus 8 by Louise Solecki Weir
NSS Silver Medal and Maurice B. Hexter Prize of $3,000
Ivory-Billed Echoes — The Wood Remembers by Martin Gates, FNSS
NSS Bronze Medal and André Harvey Award of $2,500
COVID Memorial VI by Janice Mauro, FNSS
The Anna Hyatt Huntington Award of $1,000 and a Brookgreen Medal
Neptune’s Work for Modern Times by Tom Durham, FNSS
Fred and Cheryl Newby Patrons Award of $1,000
Raven Celebrates Inventing the Wheel by Paul Rhymer, FNSS
Marcel Jovine President’s Prize of $1,000
Surviving With No Home by Suzanne Storer, NSS
Marilyn Newmark Memorial Award of $1,000
Blaze of Glory by Fan Yu
The Susan and Robert Polack Prize of $1,000
Song of Protectedness by Gedion Nyanhongo
Marion and Gilbert Roller Memorial Prize of $1,000
Corriente by Mick Doellinger, NSS
Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize of $750
Big Baby by Béla Bácsi, FNSS
Agop Agopoff Memorial Prize of $500
Tim by Lesa Cook
Ortmayer/Corcoran Teacher Inspiration Award of $500
Let the Light In by Lee Hutt, FNSS
Jane B. Armstrong Memorial Award of $400
Colleen by Steve Flom
Margaret Hexter Prize of $300 
Ghosting by Vincent Russo
Edith H. and Richman Proskauer Prize of $300
St. Sebastian by Elizabeth Jordan
Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award of $200 and Gloria Medal
Vision by Heather Rison