Evan Morse

The National Sculpture Society awards the 2023 Dexter Jones Award to Evan Morse. The $5,000 Grant is presented for an outstanding work of sculpture in bas-relief.

NSS Fellows Amy Kann (from PA), Anthony Antonios (from CT) and Don Everhart (from PA) served as the 2023 jurors. Everhart states, “Morse’s work combines modern pop elements with classical style and composition. Everyday scenes of people in contemporary situations brings immediacy to the subject matter.

Morse pays attention to the drapery and anatomy of the figures. These qualities are reinforced by his experience in traditional carving and modeling from his experiences sculpting marble in Italy. Finally, his compositions embody a fresh and unique perspective that compliments the style of his work. He is a worthy addition to the history of the Dexter Jones Award.”

Morse received his B.A. from Wheaton College (MA) and M.F.A. from Boston University (MA). In 2008, a semester abroad at S.A.C.I. in Florence, Italy cemented his interest in sculpture and the narrative capabilities of figurative art. In 2010-11, he returned to Italy to devote additional time to learning traditional sculpture techniques. He enrolled in two schools in Carrara: the Accademia di Belle Arti and the Pietro Tacca ‘School of Marble.’ Study among the marble quarries of Carrara as well as those in West Rutland, Vermont developed Morse’s affinity for stone-carving. He has completed several large-scale marble works including one at SIAS University in Xinzheng, China.

Morse is the recipient of notable awards including two grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and a fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. In 2021, he completed a residency at Goetemann Artist Residency, Gloucester, MA and in 2022, was at Sculpture Space in Utica, NY. In 2023, he has a three month residency at The Factory on Willow in Manchester, NH. Morse lives and works in Newton, MA.

First presented in 2001, the award is named in honor of Dexter Jones (1926-1986), a Fellow of NSS. In addition to being an accomplished sculptor of portraits and works in the round, Jones created several outstanding bas-reliefs in his lifetime. The award was made possible through a generous donation from Dr. Roshen Irani and will be given annually in perpetuity.

Madonna of the Sheets