Edward J. Fraughton, FNSS

Distinguished sculptor and NSS Fellow Edward J. Fraughton was awarded the NSS Affiliated Sculptor Residency at Chesterwood this year, where he lived and worked June 5-30 on the Chesterwood property.  An artist’s talk that is pictured here was open to the public and took place on Sunday, June 25, 2023. VIEW THE TALK

This is the first year that the one-month Affiliated Sculptor Residency was offered through NSS; Fraughton was selected by three jurors from dozens of applicants. The residency allows a sculptor to live for 4-weeks at Meadowlark (French’s second studio) and work in the Morris Studio. Upon being awarded the residency, Fraughton stated, “Civilizations are measured by the quality of art they leave behind. In my mind, the works of Daniel Chester French rank among the finest, most inspirational examples of sculpture created in human history. This year’s invitation to live and work under the master’s shadow at Chesterwood is by far the finest honor I have ever received, and for that opportunity, I am extremely thankful.”