Oceana Rain Stuart, NSS

Oceana Rain Stuart’s sculpture is on the moon! On February 22, 2024, the lunar lander, Odysseus, touched down on the Moon’s south polar region via the Spacex Falcon 9 rocket. Carrying twelve payloads—six from NASA and six commercial – it contains images of creatives from around the world from the Lunar Codex Museum of Art.  Amongst the featured images is the bronze sculpture Reminiscence by Oceana Rain Stuart.

“When I was notified that my sculptures were selected to go to the moon, I felt incredibly grateful and privileged to be part of these missions” says Stuart. “My hope is that in years to come this time capsule will be rediscovered by visitors and will serve as a relic of the past identifying aspects of life on Earth as seen through the eyes of artists in a beautiful effort of merging art with science. It is inspiring and thrilling that humanity is exploring the Moon, stars and beyond, I have had a lifelong affinity for the Cosmos.”