Paige Bradley Solo Exhibition in NYC

NSS Fellow Paige Bradley’s solo exhibition opened on Wednesday, March 24 at Dacia Gallery in Manhattan. Titled “Figuratively Speaking” Bradley’s bronze figures are on view through April 23 at the East Village gallery. From the press release about the show, Bradley provided some insight into her sculpture.  “I did not struggle in the same way that my ancestors did, but I’m still subject to many inequalities and unnecessary hardships,” says Bradley. “And I’m stronger because I learned to fight, overcome, and triumph. My artwork is about this: the hiding and emerging. The trusting, connecting, and the releasing. Allowing vulnerability. The birthing and the nurturing. Learning to love openly and to crack myself open to find the brilliance within. I hope my journey can inspire others and at the least show the world that a woman who is a wife, a daughter, and a mom can still be an artist who can shake preconceived paradigms. Once we find our unique voice in life, it is not complete until we pay it forward.”  Bradley gave an artist talk at the reception on Thursday, March 31.