Panel Discussions

On Saturday, June 24th, National Sculpture Society will host two panel discussions.  The discussion are part of our Sculpture Celebration Conference.

The first panel is “Abstraction and Design Within Realism.” Amy Kann will serve as the moderator and the participating panelists are: Stuart FeldmanJay Goldstein, and Stephen Layne.

The discussion will focus on the artist’s use of abstraction and abstract design as highly integral and indispensable to producing evolved work. The panel will speak about geometric pattern design, Fibonacci’s employment of the golden section, sacred design and abstract design’s prominence in all great sculpture throughout history. This discussion will address abstract design as one of the primary artistic techniques of the Renaissance and 19th Century masters which have not been consistently passed on.

During the second panel, “Survival and Success,” sculptors will share their what they have learned during their careers.  Whether it’s stories on getting a commission, on building a relationships with galleries or how projects can go terribly wrong, you can learn from their experiences.  Participating sculptors are: Amy Kann, T.D. KelseyPaul MooreDan Ostermiller, and Sandy Scott.

Robin R. Salmon, vice president for collections and curator of sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens, will serve as the moderator.

Sculpture News image: Flamingos by Jay Goldstein