Wendy Klemperer

Wendy Klemperer has an exhibition at the Arts Center at Duck Creek.  Entitled ‘There Goes the Neighborhood,’ the exhibition runs until October 16th at the East Hampton, NY site.

In this installation, Klemperer considers animal populations threatened with extinction in the 20th century that have since rebounded exponentially. Whitetail deer and wild turkeys exemplify this successful resuscitation and reintroduction to the point of ubiquity. A familiar sight on the East End of Long Island, they now penetrate public and private spaces alike. Attitudes on their growing numbers vary from delight to unease, representing conflicting views on property rights and animal rights. As land grows scarcer due to overdevelopment and climate change, among other issues, Klemperer’s sculptures explore aspects of evolutionary adaptation, mythical possibility, and natural beauty.

In June of this year, Klemperer accepted the National Sculpture Society’s Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant in recognition of her animal sculpture.