Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant

Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant


The Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant is a $5,000 prize for a sculptor, specializing in animal sculpture, who has demonstrated a commitment to sculpting and outstanding ability in his/her/their body of work.

Applicants cannot be elected members of the National Sculpture Society.  All applicants must be citizens of or residents in the United States with a social security number.

The grant is for a mature body of work; sculpture created in workshop or instructional settings should not be submitted.

The jury will consist of three prominent sculptors.

The grant will be awarded in June 2023.


Submission materials:

Images of 11 to 15 works of animal sculpture. Images must be in JPG (.jpg) format.

A brief resume.

To Submit:

Submissions will be accepted in 2023.

NSS programs are open to individuals of all races, ethnic origins, colors, genders and religions.

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