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Posted April 1, 2016
Glenna Goodacre, FNSS completed the monumental sculpture Mayo Ancestors. Featuring three 8′ high figures, the monument was cast at Bollinger
Posted March 30, 2016
Anthony Antonios installed reliefs of St. John the Baptist and St. Ignatius Loyola at Fordham Preparatory School.  Antonios worked on the
Posted March 30, 2016
In late March, Gary Staab’s Columbian life-sized mammoth sculpture was installed in Omaha, Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.  The
Posted March 30, 2016
Penelope Jencks has written a memoir about her experiences sculpting the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial on the upper west side in New York
Posted March 29, 2016
In mid-March, the fifth cast of Zenos Frudakis’ The Honor Guard was unveiled at The American Air Museum (a new division of
Posted March 29, 2016
Sculptors Daniel Glanz and Sutton Betti were awarded the Stanley Hotel Maze Sculpture Commission. The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen
Posted May 9, 2015
Sculptors accepted into the 87th Annual Awards Exhibition can pay the $100 catalog fee through the link below. Thank you
Exhibition Catalog Fee